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The important matter of a Model Homme private message
Although it is hard to read and was probably hard to understand, it tried hard as hard as possible.

If a message is sent, grasp the residual quantity of your Box.

You who are using Avatar of Alexander Jones which has sent the message by the thing of the picture of Oivind Bersvendsen.
Although the reply of a message was written, since your Box is full, it cannot send. Do you like Oivind Bersvendsen and are looking for the picture?
Sincerity is not felt.

You who have sent the message about the picture of Vincent.
Your opinion cannot understand well.
If blog was seen, please comment on blog instead of MH message.
Which Vincent are you looking for?
Vincent Hoogland?
Is it the thing of Vincent Lacrocq?
Or Vincent Kartheiser?

Although it is glad to send a message, many cannot do a reply.
Even if it sends, "*****(the name of the member who sent the message) has exceeded their stored private messages quota and can not accept further messages until they clear some space.

Since it is waiting for the reply or a reply is not needed, has it said "Stick a picture on a thread"?

Although MH is not disagreeable, it has not already gone in and out.

Please do not let me frequent MH.

When the place which writes a comment is not known, a comment is written here.
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All the longtime members of MH have courtesy.
Learn her courtesy!

A thing needed is looked for by itself.
If a result still is not obtained, it asks those who know.
A thing to ask I about should write to this blog.
The question which comes out other than this does not hear.

Although I feel sorry, I am not going to respond to the request of those other than a friend (MH).

There are many impolite people among new members.
I'm in trouble...............
by haruhi-style | 2006-12-06 11:16 | Information