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Hi, everybody. Look!↓
This image seems to be deep regret in S,Korea.
Please look.

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# by haruhi-style | 2013-05-30 08:56 | JAPAN!
The island is a territory in Japan!

A dirty South Korean!

The small island which South Koreans took.
The territory in Japan, Takeshima(Take-Island).
Return Takeshima.
Go away from Japan!!!
# by haruhi-style | 2013-05-29 09:28 | JAPAN!
Hello, everybody!
South Korea is attacking Japan.
Everybody knows?
Yes, "IANFU"
If it claims that she is a comfort woman, money can be got from Japan.
Of course, it is a lie.
Money is not obtained.
But, if a baby is petulant, a mother will raise mother's milk?
The old women of South Korea are wanting a baby's milk.
If they are seen, say like this.
If they are seen, please say like this.

"God is looking at all.
God does not like a lie.
God does not allow those who tell a lie.
Do you believe God? "

Japan is not grieving the old woman.
The old woman is grieving Japan.
South Korean old women

Please trust Japan.
Please trust me.
Please trust Japan to trust the child of God.

At this place I had left for a long time, a new report was started in order
to save Japan.

Thank you.
# by haruhi-style | 2013-05-26 23:05 | JAPAN!
Dejection of the Australian.

Australia disturbing the Japanese whaling, has obtained the gold.
Being unshapely, they are the unfortunate people.
In Australia good fortune.

Your murmur.

Holy shit!

Australia, and An Australian are fearful.............................
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